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about us.

who we are.

colour grading & digital intermediate.

Baselight colour correction. Film, DCP or television workflows. HDR, SDR, P3 and Rec709. True light-certified theatre showcasing our very own 4K Barco projector.

vfx & animation.

3D. 2D. Green screen composites. Wire removals. Matte paintings.

dailies & data management.

Digital colour timed dailies management, Dailies clearance, back-ups, Transcoding of all camera formats editorial files, preview sites and uploads,LTO7 verified backups.

other services.

Audio / Sound. Upload Services. Mastering and Deliveries. Cutting rooms / dry hire.

We are the film tech guys. We are the artists and animators. We are the final push over the line. And we have unbelievably good coffee…

Boasting the most technically astute post-production facility in Africa – we build solutions to every project, visual effect, budget and deliverable. Not just because we are excellent at what we do, but because we, Refinery, love what we do.  


We believe the difference between a good and a great product lies within the understated details, the fine touches, the artistic refinement. Whether in grade, CGI, VFX or simply the peace of mind of your delivery – our goal is to ensure the filmmakers’ visions are realized and exceeded.

 “Visual effects speak louder than words” – from series and movies for major local and international broadcasters to high-end commercials to that personal thanks we received in one of this year’s Oscar speeches, we have mastered it all. 


Our collective of creative and technical professionals embody the “Art” in “State of the Art”. We are ideas people and we are problem solvers, but most importantly we are revolutionary partners with you on your post-production journey. 


Our wealth sits in our experience, bringing a range of diverse talents together to execute the highest quality of work – from your onset experience to final delivery and the smorgasbord between.




Full service post production & VFX for the moving picture industry. From set solutions to final delivery. Servicing both local and foreign productions

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